The Alexandra Chiles Foundation Event - May 15, 2010

About the Event...

On May 15, 2010, ABC volunteers partnered with the Alexandra Chiles Foundation to assemble beading kits for hospitalized children and teens in the San Francisco Bay Area. Volunteers assembled hundreds of bead kits at the Burlingame High School Gymnasium and had a fantastic time while doing it. To see our event flier click here.

Below are some pictures of the event:








Information About the Alexandra Chiles Foundation:

The Alexandra Chiles Foundation is a philanthropy project founded in 2000 to honor the life of a very special young woman. Alex was eighteen years old when she died in March 2000 following a six-year battle with cancer and the complications of a bone-marrow transplant. Throughout her illness, Alexandra's most effective way of coping with the challenges she faced was to develop and participate in community service projects. One of her favorite activities was beading necklaces, which she gave as thank-you gifts to the nurses, hospital personnel, friends and family.

In 2001, the Foundation grew from a small philanthropy project, which originated with the Stanford Hills Chapter of the National Charity League, into a non-profit public charity. The mission of the Foundation is to continue the unwavering dedication to community service which Alex and her family found so beneficial, proving that creativity can be transcending and giving empowering. The focus of Alexandra’s Foundation will continue to be the development of crafting kits for children in need while promoting community service to the groups which put the kits together. To date many 1,000’s of volunteers have assembled in excess of 80,000 beading kits, which include materials for necklaces, lanyards, beaded headbands, macramé key chains, bracelets, American flag pins, leather cord necklaces, friendship bracelets, and hemp necklaces.

For more information about the Alexandra Chiles Foundation or to donate to this amazing cause, please go to the foundation's website: